Medical Slim-Tea
Hannemann's Original Chinese Slimming And Purification Tea
In 1978, when I completed my studies of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) under Prof. Man Man Wong in Hong Kong, he presented me with a herbal formulation, which he described as a slimming tea. He told me that the tea stimulates the metabolism causing the breakdown of excess fat. And because in most civilized countries, the professor told me, metabolic disorders have been becoming more common, the recipe that he gave to me is a "golden key". The herbal blend can be used for a variety of diseases which today are described as the metabolic syndrome.
Since my retourn from China 29 years ago, I have been successfully passing on this herbal tea blend in my alternative medical practice, for gastrointestinal problems such as gastritis (inflammation of the stomach), obstipation (severe constipation), for liver and gall problems and obesity.
During my years of experience, I have observed that the prolonged ingestion of 1 to 2 cups of the tea significantly stimulates the metabolism through increased excretion of waste products in the intestines and fatty tissues, which in turn leads to significant weight lose within a short period of time.
Because it takes the body some time to break down fatty tissue due to the anabolism and catabolism of cells, weight loss can be expected after a period of 3 months. You will notice much earlier that your digestion has improved significantly and that your body weight noticeably goes down every week. Doctors call this phase catabolisms (the opposite of anabolisms, which is the building of body tissue). The Chinese Slimming and Purification Tea causes the body fat to shift from anabolism to catabolism, i.e. you lose weight.
The breakdown phase, or catabolism, should not proceed to rapidly. Since fat cells are mostly metabolized in the liver, it is important to make sure that the liver is not placed under excessive stress. Such stress is due to the fact that most fat cells store toxins. The result: if you lose too many pounds too quickly, the liver is placed under great stress. This must be avoided! Let's say you want to lose 10 kg. It makes sense to give your body at least six months to do so. Experience shows that if you only want to lose 2 to 5 kg, this can be done in 3 months in a biocompatible way. Please note: losing weight too fast is not justified from a physiological point of view!
Furthermore, if you ingest 2 cups of tea per day (one in the morning and one in the afternoon or one in the afternoon and one in the evening) please make sure to drink up to 2 liters of pure drinking water during the course of the day.
Drinking 2 liters of water per day increases the metabolism by a good 30% and is necessary to encure that metabolic and intestinal waste products are excreted. In practice that means that you will experience more bowel movements. During the initial phase of ingestion, you may suffer from diarrhea, in which case you should wait a further 3 days. If your defecation has not hardened by then you should only drink 1 cup of Slimming and Purification Tea.
If you go away on business or to the theatre for example, we recommend that you do not drink the tea beforehand.
After prolonged ingestion you will notice that after the initial phase of intestinal purification you will hace normal bowel movements up to 3 times a day. This second phase then leads to the breakdown of body fats.
For gastric disorders the tea works well if ingested in the morning and afternoon, approx. 1 hour before eating.
It is important that the dosage instructions are followed carefully: place 1 heaped teaspoon of Hannemann's Slimming and Purification Tea in a tea strainer and add 400 ml of hot water. The tea should be left to brew for only 3 minutes. If the Slimming and Purification Tea is brewed too strongly or if you leave it to brew for too long, this can lead to serious peristaltic problems in the intestinal muscles. Intestinal spasms may also occur, which subside after half an hour. Please therefore make sure that you follow the instructions carefully, and, if possible, do not interrupt the treatment for at least 3 months. Even when you are traveling you can order hot water in the hotel and in any restaurant.
You should mentally support your slimming diet and bear in mind my motto: Every beginning sets goals, but only with perseverance will you achieve your goals. Only if you gorge yourself will you become fat! Eating with awareness means consuming carbohydrates with a low glycaemic index (GI). Please take a look at my brochure on the glycaemic index, which you can order from my alternative medical practice. We are happy to advise you!
May 2007
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